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Rage On Tour

2024 Tour Levels & Fees

General Information:

  • All Rage ages (Workshop & Competition) are determined as of January 1, 2024. 

  • The workshop ages listed above are simply guidelines; Studio Owners/Directors may use their discretion to place their dancers in the appropriate classroom levels. Please remember, for the scholarship audition, dancers must be in their age appropriate (as of January 1, 2024) classroom. 

  • Level Changes may be made within the first 2 classes of the workshop. 

  • To Qualify for Early Tuition,  fees must be PAID IN FULL by the “Early Registration Deadline”.

  • Dance studios may apply their own additional administrative fees. This is very common in the industry and is used to cover the time and expense Studio Owners incur while organizing, registering and attending these events.

  • Checks will only be accepted if received 30 days prior to the Start Date. All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.Rage is not responsible for check payments lost in the mail. 

  • Refund Policy: All registrations are non-refundable. No exceptions

  • Credits may be awarded on a case-by-case basis due to illness or injury with authentication from a doctor prior to the start of the event. In these special cases, participants will receive a credit, minus a $25 administrative fee to use at a future Rage workshop. Credits are valid for one year. 

  • Dancers must be registered for the entire workshop to be a part of the Showcase.

  • At the door, registration must be paid by cash, credit card, cashier's check or money order. Rage does not accept cash, personal checks OR studio checks at any events, at any time.


Convention Pricing:


LEVEL (AGES)                                         Early Registration           Standard Registration

Teacher/Studio Owner (18+)                               $325                                  $375

Senior (16-18)                                                     $295                                  $345

Teen (13-15)                                                        $295                                  $345

Junior (9-12)                                                        $295                                  $345

Mini  (8-10)                                                          $295                                  $345

Pee-Wee (5-7)                                                     $195                                  $245


ONE WORKSHOP (Saturday or Sunday)

One-Day Teacher (18+)                                       $195                                   $245

One-Day Dancer (8-19)                                       $195                                   $245

One-Day Pee-Wee (5-7)                                      $135                                  $160

Observer                                                               $55                                     $65

Pee-Wee Observer                                                                                          $40

(Only available onsite)

  • Dancers registered for the Showcase, MUST be registered for the full weekend.

  • One Day participants are NOT eligible for scholarships. 

Showcase Pricing:

Divisions                                                     Early Registration                  Full Registration        Time Limits

Sm. Groups (4-9 dancers)                                     $65                                     $75                         3:00

Large. Groups (10-16)                                           $65                                     $75                         3:00

Line (17-24 dancers)                                             $65                                     $75                         4:00

Productions (25+ dancers)                                    $65                                     $75                         5:00

Duo/Trios                                                               $85                                     $95                         2:45

Solos                                                                    $175                                    $195                       2:45

Age Divisions

Rage Rising                 5-7

Mini                             8-10

Junior                         11-12

Teen                           13-15

Senior                         16-19

Adult                             20+


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